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End of year reading inspiration from our world-class podcast guests of 2022

The stream of great minds and hearts has continued this year on our podcast, and we are honored that such thought leaders would grace us with their time and presence. Here, we are delighted to share some of their written works, to add to your end of year reading lists. Enjoy, and tell us what you would like to see even more of next year, please!

Thriving to 100: Through Life’s 4 Quarters
By Avivah Wittenberg-Cox

Avivah is writer, speaker, coach, consultant, change agent – depending on the call and the context. A global expert on all things gender and generational balance, Avivah is currently spending a year at Harvard as a 2022 Advanced Leadership Fellow researching longevity, gender differences in ageing – and how to navigate the transitions into the 3rd and 4th Quarters of 100-year lives. These themes are summarised in her latest graphic book Thriving to 100 – Through Life’s 4 Quarters.

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Get Promoted: What You’re Really Missing at Work That’s Holding You Back
By Michael Wenderoth 

We’re told that the key to getting ahead at work is to be authentic, to be a humble “servant leader.”

Michael Wenderoth shows us otherwise:
• How being inauthentic can help us grow and serve us.
• How embracing office politics is not underhanded but essential.
• And how building power is not dirty but the real key to success.

The truth in GET PROMOTED will probably first piss you off, but it’s going to set you free. Follow his 3-part Framework of the Rock, the Map, and the Snowball, and you’ll not only get promoted, you’ll learn about power, the force by which things really get done.

If you feel stalled and frustrated that you’re not moving up faster or need that extra edge as you enter the next stage of your career, look no further: This is your “hard truths” playbook.

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Fair Talk: Three Steps to Powerful Feedback
By Sergey Gorbatov and Angela Lane

Employees around the world are deprived of honest objective feedback and the higher you go in the organization, the less feedback you are going to get. Researchers confirmed that the less face time employees have with their managers, the more impact seeking and receiving feedback will have on their performance.

Gorbatov and Lane propose a simple, systematic approach to giving fair and honest feedback in ways that improve performance while engaging and developing employees.

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The #PACE Process for Early Career Success
by Mark Zides

The career landscape is rockier than ever, and navigating it takes more than just a resume if you want to find your perfect job.

The #PACE Process for Early Career Success is designed to help you unlock the mindset, traits, and techniques needed to Plan, Apply for, Commit to, and Evaluate your ideal career path. Whether you plan to enter the corporate world, join a startup, or start your own business, you will learn how to build a network, master interviewing skills, leverage your personal brand, and even how and when to move on to your next opportunity.

Leveraging more than twenty years of experience as an entrepreneur, businessman, and CEO, Mark Zides teaches young adults the skills they need to get their feet in the door, climb the ladder, and not stop achieving until they find success. Using real life examples, research, and a little tough love, The #PACE Process for Early Career Success will equip you to not just survive the modern workforce, but to conquer it.

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Fostering Culturally Diverse Leadership in Organisations
by Karen Loon

Leveraging academic research and case studies, knowledge as a business leader and diversity practitioner, and personal experience, Karen Loon examines how successful culturally diverse leaders at work resolve the contradictions and tensions of their identities within organisations. What can we learn from those leaders who have thrived and smashed the ‘bamboo ceiling’? Moreover, are there other factors holding organisational change back?

The book proposes research-based recommendations for aspiring leaders and corporate practitioners whilst revealing the potential inhibitors to progress. Split into three sections, Loon examines current research on identities in multicultural nations and organisations, delves into the career progression of successful Asian-Australian leaders to explore how they negotiate identity in the workplace, and provides a roadmap of actions for business leaders looking to create more inclusive and diverse cultures in their organisations.

Written for both people new to diversity and those keen on new perspectives, the book is well-suited for aspiring leaders at any stage of their careers looking to accelerate their careers, as well as C-Suite, HR, and Diversity leads.

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What about you? What have you been reading that has captured your imagination in this sort of area? Do let us know some of your favorites, and please, make suggestions of podcast guests you would like to see us inviting next.

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