December 2022  -  Podcast

Gender, Generational Balance and (Much) Longer Careers

Avivah is a speaker, author, consultant and CEO of 20-first, one of the world’s leading gender balance consultancies. She is a global expert on 21st century leadership, gender and generational balance, longevity and the future of work and careers. Avivah is currently finishing up a year at Harvard as a 2022 Advanced Leadership Fellow researching longevity and gender differences in aging. She blogs at Harvard Business Review and has authored several best-selling books. She speaks widely at leadership conferences and events across the globe, is a certified coach and is the Founder and Honorary President of the European Professional Women’s Network.

We talk with Avivah about her own career journey, the improvements she has seen in the long crusade towards building the 50/50 balance between genders in business, how she pivoted from the topic of gender to the topic of generations and aging, the challenges and opportunities around longevity and multi-generational workplaces, her advice in this respect both for organizations and individuals, the characteristics of leaders who are successfully creating balance in their organizations, her experience at Harvard researching longevity and gender differences in aging – and how to manage individuals and teams through the 3rd and 4th Quarters of 100-year lives – plus her many other exciting projects coming up.

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