To Discover the Secrets of How to Build Career Agility, We Spoke with Real-Life Acrobats

October 2021 Get inspired by real-life acrobats Maartje, Harm and Deelia and learn from them how you can strengthen the 6C’s of your career agility.
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You Can Stop Being a Manager Without Sinking Your Career

October 2021 When people think about career advancement in today’s organizations, they typically envision getting promoted to supervise increasingly large teams. But what if you want to take your career in a different direction and move from being a boss back to an individual contributor?

Reinvent Your Career and Play the Long Game

October 2021 A conversation with Dorie Clark, Duke & Columbia Business Professor, Speaker, Executive Coach, Author and Top 50 Business Thinker in World – Thinkers50.
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Talent, Effort Or Luck: Which Matters More For Career Success?

September 2021 Would you rather be smart, hard-working, or lucky? Science has produced a vast body of evidence to assess the relative impact of these three factors on people’s careers and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic summarises these findings.

Is the Misery (or Not) of Being a Junior in Banking or Consulting Firm Worth it?

September 2021 To find out if the benefits on a career truly outweigh the grueling working conditions of the “brain-sucking” industry, we directly asked four professionals to share their stories.
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The Right Way to Make a Big Career Transition

September 2021 Career transitions are complex and there is usually a lot more to them than we see on the surface. They require careful planning and thinking through the why, the what, and the when, as explained by Utkarsh Amitabh in this HBR article.

What Sets Serial Entrepreneurs Apart?

September 2021 How four entrepreneurs with a taste for creating, solving problems and disrupting keep on pursuing new and engaging horizons following the sale of their company.
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Feeling Stuck or Stymied?

September 2021 Feeling that your career progress is frustratingly slow or has sputtered out can be demoralizing. But in order to achieve your career goals, you need to cultivate “strategic patience”, according to Dorie Clark.

How Science and Tech Help Make Better Career Decisions

July 2021 A conversation with Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Chief Talent Scientist at ManpowerGroup, Professor of Business Psychology at Columbia University & UCL, Author and Speaker.
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The Great Resignation: How employers drove workers to quit

July 2021 Since the pandemic, employees are leaving the workforce or switching jobs in droves. For many, employers have played a big part in why they're walking away.
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The Big Decisions that Impact Your Career

June 2021 A career is a marathon not a sprint — and yours will benefit from a good strategy. Here are four smart choices you can make when you’re young that will help you reach success in the future.

Own Your Career Own Your Life

June 2021 A conversation with Andy Storch, Talent Development connector, podcaster, community host and author.
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Are You Really Ready to Quit?

June 2021 Sometimes moving on from a job is clearly the right decision. But if you’re generally happy except for one particular issue, it’s worth talking to your boss about it before you quit.

Turning Your Career into a Work of Art

May 2021 A conversation with Gianpiero Petriglieri, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD, author and speaker.

Breaking Bad: Humanitarians Who Went Corporate

May 2021 How three professionals who started in purpose-driven organisations continued to do good after migrating to “the other side”.

Helping Supercharge Careers with Generosity and Compassion

April 2021 A conversation with Sonal Bahl, Career Coach, Founder of SuperCharge, Speaker and Host of 'How I Got Hired' Podcast.
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Reshaping Your Career in the Wake of the Pandemic

April 2021 In this article, Dorie Clark and Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic identify three key aspects of work that the pandemic has impacted and which can help you reshape your career successfully for the future.

Stories of Late Bloomers Who Left a Business Career to Flourish in the Arts

April 2021 How four mid-career professionals rekindled the creative part of themselves and used their business skills while switching to a new life as full-time artists.

Helping People and Organizations Build Sustainable Careers

April 2021 A conversation with Monique Valcour, PhD, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Harvard Business Review Contributor, Management Professor and Facilitator.
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A Career Detour Doesn’t Have to Compromise Your Long-Term Goals

March 2021 Choosing to prioritize immediate concerns over a longer career goal may be necessary, but you can still have control over your career arc by using four strategies suggested by Dorie Clark
Fast Company Article

3 Counterintuitive Ways to Help Build Your Career Potential

March 2021 Instead of following well-worn inspirational advice, these are things that we should be doing but aren’t sufficiently aware of.

How to Take Proactive Control of Your Career and Find Meaningful Work

March 2021 A conversation with Anna van der Horst, Human Resources Consultant and Applied Researcher at eelloo.

Does Switching Career From Non-Profit to Big Business Always Mean Turning to the Dark Side?

February 2021 How three purpose-driven professionals who started their career in cause-related organizations and migrated to “the other side” continue to do good.

Discover Where Your Career is Vulnerable and How to Protect Your Success

February 2021 A conversation with Carter Cast, Business Professor, Venture Capitalist and Author.

How LGBTQ+ Employees Can Embrace Authenticity

February 2021 Four professionals with different sexual orientations and gender identities describe their journeys.
HBR Article

Should You Rehire an Employee Who Left Your Company?

February 2021 When an employee who previously left your company tries to come back, how do you determine whether or not you should rehire them?

Using Your Singularity to Create a Unique Career Path

January 2021 A conversation with Alex Pachulski, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of Talentsoft, Author and Speaker.

Building the Career You’ve Always Wanted

December 2020 A conversation with Sho Dewan, Career Coach and Trainer, LinkedIn Top Voice 2020, Founder of Workhap.

8 Books to Read From Disrupt Your Career Podcast Guests

December 2020 We always enjoy hosting captivating guests on our Disrupt Your Career podcast. We thought you might enjoy the spoon-fed version of what to read from these great authors if you want to advance or even disrupt your career.
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4 Pieces of Career Advice It’s Okay to Ignore

November 2020 Some of the most common career tips don’t pan out in the real world. Here are four you should ignore — and what to do instead.

When is the Right Time to Bring Your Whole Self to Work?

November 2020 How five professionals with different sexual orientations and gender identities dealt with their coming out and developed their careers.

Take Back Control of Your Career and Be Forever Employable

October 2020 A conversation with Jeff Gothelf, Author, Keynote Speaker, Organisational Designer, Coach and Consultant.
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Women’s Career Trajectories Can Be a Model for an Aging Workforce

October 2020 For many women, it's the first half of their lives that is spent balancing professional growth with serving and caring for a variety of others and the second half that affords them the possibility of prioritizing their own voices and ambitions.

From General Manager to CHRO

September 2020 The stories of five people-minded business leaders who moved to the top human resources role by happenstance and led a radical reinvention of HR in their company.

How One Leader is Disrupting and Creating “Good Trouble”

August 2020 A conversation with Michelle Gadsden-Williams, former Managing Director and North American Inclusion & Diversity lead at Accenture and Award-Winning Author.

Why – and How – to Hire an Outlier

July 2020 An unconventional profile can be a tough sell, but the potential rewards are worth the risk.
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Lessons in Agility from a Dancer Turned Professor

July 2020 We have long been interested in the skills that former performers bring to business. This article reminded us that all business people need a mix of core strength, changing focus, extreme flexibility and direction.

Are You Prepared to Lead in the Decade of Disruption?

July 2020 A conversation with Henna Inam, Executive Coach, Speaker, Board Director, Author of Wired for Disruption.
HBR Article

How to Find a (Great) Job During a Downturn

July 2020 Great article with practical tips from Claudio Fernández-Aráoz who reminds us “the strength of weak ties” in job search.

Sharing Untapped Talent Across Boundaries to Unleash Organizational Capacity

June 2020 A conversation with Edie Goldberg, President of E.L. Goldberg & Associates, Coauthor of The Inside Gig.

Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent and Intrapreneur

May 2020 A conversation with Gib Bulloch, Speaker, Writer, Facilitator, Author of The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent.

Audacious Headhunters – Advocating Outlier Talent

May 2020 Stories of five headhunters who challenged the plug-and-play hiring model.
Ivy Exec Article

How Do Workers Succeed in a Changing Market? By Developing Career Agility

May 2020 Delighted to have been quoted in Ivy Exec, a leading source for career information and job postings for professionals.
European Business Review Article

Seven Lessons From Refugees Who Became Entrepreneurs

May 2020 The inspiring stories of four people who relaunched their career from scratch.
The Telegraph Article

Generation reboot: ‘How we found our dream jobs in midlife’

May 2020 Thrilled to have been quoted in The Telegraph. Having the mindset of constantly exploring and experimenting allows you to take better control.

Hiring a Former Colleague: Nepotism or Best Practice?

April 2020 Stories of leaders following one another reveal the importance of trust, collaboration, and long-term value and bring out unexpected lessons.
HBR Article

The Strategic Side Gig

April 2020 A "strategic side gig" might be just the thing that your career needs, especially now!

The Art of Building a Rewarding Career While Remaining True to Yourself

March 2020 A conversation with Paolo Gallo, Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and Author
Career Retreat

Re-Imagine Your Career!

January 2020 Learn more about our exclusive and intensive international retreat in the South of France in May 2020.

Helping People Transition and Play to Their Potential

January 2020 Our guest in this episode is Deepak Jayaraman, Founder and CEO of Transition Insight.

Lessons Learned from Refugees Who Resettled and Restarted Their Career

December 2019 The stories of four migrants who rebuilt their career in a new country.

The Career Strategist

December 2019 A conversation with Adrian Choo, Founder and CEO of Career Agility, and author of Career Crossroads.

Seven Ways to Overcome the Fear of Making a Career Change

October 2019 Bold new professional aspirations often freeze us in our tracks.

How Dual-Career Couples Make it Work

October 2019 A conversation with Jennifer Petriglieri, Associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD, author of Couples that Work.

Should You Be a Career Lifer?

September 2019 The stories of four executive ‘lifers’ who found stretching and flourishing while working in just one company.

From Corporate High-Flier to Artisan

August 2019 Tips and stories from three executives who left a lucrative career to join a skilled trade.

What Are You Taking to the Beach this Summer?

July 2019 We are both preparing our book bags for our summer breaks (Costa Brava, Basque Coast). We strongly recommend you do the same! Here is what we are reading – at least some of it. Let us know your favorites.

So You Want to Learn How to Code?

June 2019 The stories and tips from these three executives who went to coding boot camps might help you answer this question.

How to Build Sustainable Careers and Change Employer-Employee Relationships

April 2019 A conversation with Jos Akkermans, Associate Professor of Sustainable Careers and Organizational Behavior at the department of Management and Organization at VU Amsterdam.
Korn Ferry Insights

Women, Returning in Force

March 2019 Female workers who took hiatuses are returning to work in record numbers. Will companies place them in the strong roles?

Pivoting Into Business After an Artistic Career

March 2019 The stories of three performing artists who successfully joined the corporate world.
HBR Article

Facing Your Mid-Career Crisis

March-April 2019 Why does job satisfaction suffer during midlife? There are multiple factors: the narrowing of options, the inevitability of regret, and the tyranny of projects successively completed and replaced.
ESSEC Alumni Interview

Disrupt Your Career!

April 2018 Claire Harbour-Lyell shares some insight into how to manage a disruptive career, at a time when we all tend to go through many different jobs in our lives. 
Book Review & Interview

Disrupt Your Career!

March 2018 As executive coaches and consultants, we want to know what are the benefit of disruptive careers for the global leaders we support across industries and geographies.

Getting Your Foot in the Door When Switching Industries

February 2019 Here’s how you can prevail against unimaginative recruiters and employers.

Am I Too Old to Switch Careers?

June 2018 Eight reasons why career transitions later in life are possible despite lingering age discrimination.

Making the Leap to Entrepreneurship

January 2019 Three former corporate executives who migrated to the start-up world share their stories and tips.
Ideas and Insights

Don’t Fall Into the Careers Gap Trap

March 2018 Career gaps happen for many reasons. From unexpected redundancy, to parenthood, time out, health issues or a change in career direction…
Podcast Interview

Disrupt Your Career To Reach Even Greater Heights

March 2018 To thrive in your career transitions, you need to follow a four-stage process of Exploring, Experimenting, Engaging and Expanding.
Interview [French]

Disruptez votre carrière

April 2018 Comment peut-on aider les talents à mener avec succès leurs changements de carrières?

The 4 Es of Successful Career Transitions

May 2018 Proper career management requires a constant dedication to the four steps of successful professional transitions: explore, experiment, engage and expand.
INSEAD Case Study

Developing a (Second) Career in the Global Luxury Industry

June 2018 Follow the career path of Megha Malagatti, from her humble Indian origins to a senior management position in a French luxury goods company.

Lessons for Boardroom Debutantes

July 2018 Three women non-executive directors share their tips for anyone aspiring to join the boardroom.
Video Interview

Disrupt Your Career

December 2018 A framework to help you embrace career change and find fulfilment in today’s fast changing environment.
Ideas and Insights

Four Secrets to Career Agility

December 2018 In a world where disruption is the norm, how can you ensure your professional life continues to soar?

Finding Your True Calling In or Out of Medicine

February 2019 Meet four versatile professionals who have been both medical practitioners and business executives.

From the Boardroom to the Classroom

December 2018 How business executives bring their wisdom and passion from the “real world” to enrich education.

The Mindset That Fosters Career Agility

August 2017 Six personal factors can smooth the process of career change. The good news is that one doesn’t need to have all six to be a career transition ninja. What are yours?

Talent Management for the Age of Career Disruption

June 2017 Companies are still working from a 20th century career playbook. It’s time for a new edition.

Finding a Meaningful Second Act Career

October 2016 After spending years advancing in their careers, many seasoned professionals debut in second acts that combine purpose with a pay cheque.

When Baby Boomers Create a Second-Act Career

October 2016 After spending years advancing in their careers, many seasoned professionals debut in second acts that combine purpose with a paycheque.

What Diaspora Executives Learned When They Returned Home

August 2016 Adjusting to a new culture isn’t easy, but for many, coming home is even harder.

Starting Your Career Far from Home

July 2016 Young people seeking adventure, career enrichment and personal fulfilment should consider an overseas stint.

Eight Tips for Career Re-Entry

April 2016 Resurrecting your career after a long break is not easy. But stories of those who went through the transition can teach us how to better navigate a way back to work.

Six Reasons to Hire Military Veterans

December 2015 Military experience builds the elusive character traits that companies sorely need in their leaders.

Why Your Next Hire Should Be an Athlete

October 2015 Athletes who became business successes have passion, resilience and leadership skills. Lessons learned from sport can help in business.

How to Transition From Consulting to C-Suite

July 2015 Former management consultants can make great CEOs. But the transition isn’t an easy one.

Boomerang Executives: Why They Leave, Why They Return, And How They Manage It

December 2014 The revolving door to many Fortune 100 executive suites has been turning 360 degrees in recent years as employees who leave to broaden their experience, increasingly find themselves returning to the fold.

Making the Move from Profit to Purpose

September 2014 Those searching for a role that challenges the status quo, colleagues of diverse backgrounds and a collaborative environment have all found fulfilment in the nonprofit sector.
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