November 2022  -  Podcast

Ethically Leveraging Power and Politics to Advance Your Career

Michael Wenderoth is an executive coach who helps leaders ethically leverage power and politics to ascend. He has written for Harvard Business Review, Forbes and is the author of Get Promoted: What You’re Really Missing at Work That’s Holding You Back. Prior to becoming an executive coach, Michael served for 20 years in senior roles on breakthrough businesses in the U.S., China and Europe. Michael holds an MBA from Stanford Business School and trained as an executive coach at Columbia University.

We talk with Michael about his career journey and the lessons he learned along the way, his advice for early career professionals starting their careers, his motivation to write Get Promoted and the book’s mains ideas, his 3-Part Power framework with concrete examples and tips, how to network with powerful people, what he would like to see change in the world of work, organizations that are doing better when it comes to talent and career management, and his most exciting projects for 2022.

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