How to Find Your Own Pace and Create Early Career Success

December 2022

Mark is a coach, mentor, advisor, consultant, angel investor, and executive. He is the founder and CEO of CoreAxis Consulting, an award-winning learning & development and talent management firm, Katama, an agency specializing in sales strategy, marketing, and customer success, and Recipi, a digital marketing agency. His book « The #Pace Process for Early Career Success » is designed to help young adults prepare for the workforce and explain the challenges you will experience chasing your dreams.

We talk with Mark about his own career journey, the nature and challenges of moving in and out of corporate employment, the lessons he learned along the way, his motivation to write The #Pace Process, the main ideas of the book, the importance for Millennials and Gen-Zers of seeking out ‘tough love’ from the people around them, what Mark would like to see organizations doing better when it comes to talent and career management and what he would like to see change in the world of work.


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