November 2022  -  Podcast

Developing and Leveraging Edge in Your Career

Angela Lane and Sergey Gorbatov work and write about the complex science of human performance, while making it simple. Both are practicing senior executives in talent management, leveraging Fortune 500 experience gained across four continents. Angela and Sergey equip leaders with practical tools for success. They are researchers, adjunct professors at IE University, regular contributors to journals and the authors of “FairTalk: Three Steps to Powerful Feedback.”

We talk with Angela and Sergey about their own career journeys, what led them to create The Edge website, the elements of their Career Edge model, behaviors that can get people’s careers into trouble, why the idea of ‘career sacrifice’ should be challenged, the notion of making trade-offs in one’s career and how to base career decisions on strategy rather than fear, steps to provide powerful feedback from their book ‘Fair Talk’, examples of good talent and career management practices from companies, what should change in the world of work, and what’s coming next for both of them.

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