Special Announcement

Celebrating our 50th Disrupt Your Career Podcast Episode and honoring our top thought leaders

October 2023

We are delighted to celebrate our fiftieth Disrupt Your Career episode this month. We wish to thank and celebrate each and every one of our guests. Their particular takes on why career strategy and management are important for both individuals and organizations are valuable, interesting, and make for good listening.


Since we started the Disrupt Your Career podcast in April 2019, 53 global thought leaders sat with us to talk about careers and talent, and 10,000+ episodes were listened to from 105 countries. We are very grateful to our guests and listeners for helping us make meaning in what has started as a side gig.


In our Disrupt Your Career podcast, we invite thought leaders and experts on Career and Talent Management, and get into fascinating conversations with all of them, so that everybody has a chance to reflect, take action, and thrive in their careers.


All the guests are important, but some are more popular than others. Our top five voices for talent and career management are:

Their thinking and opinions are extremely precious to us, and, in this week of milestone celebration, we say a great big, enormous, gigantic Thank You, Danke, Grazie, Gracias and 谢谢!

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