Sven Sommerlatte Podcast


Strategies to Build a Successful Career

December 2021

Sven Sommerlatte is CHRO of Boehringer Ingelheim, based in Germany. He started his career in management consulting and held a broad range of HR roles at Sanofi, most recently HR Head of the Global Consumer Healthcare Business Unit. Sven created the YouTube channel OTIUM to help people learn more about personal development, improve their career strategy and become better leaders. Sven holds an MBA and a Ph.D in organizational development.

We connected with Sven as we share a common passion for career counseling and career strategy. We talk with Sven about his own career journey, his first 100 days and priorities as CHRO of Boehringer Ingelheim, his view on how companies are managing talent, why he created OTIUM and what he has learned through this journey, the biggest mistakes people make and his advice to better manage career, and his wishes for 2022. 

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