July 2019  -  Books

What Are You Taking to the Beach this Summer?

Claire’s books

I am currently thinking a lot about creativity and exploration, as I know that we all find it much too easy to shut ourselves into little boxes, so Sir Ken Robinson’s seminal work, “Out of Our Minds” is going to get me “out” of my own mind, and exploring new ways of doing things.

Experimenting is crucial to us all as we reflect on life and work, and so I am exploring the soul side of my work with clients through “Soul without Shame” by Byron Brown.

As we engage with our clients, our bosses, our friends and family there are all kinds of aspects to be negotiated, so who better than a star FBI negotiator to help me understand the best approach for successful outcomes, whether a salary raise or hostage release! “Never Split the Difference” makes for gripping reading. And, logically, as I negotiate better, I will become a more “Prosperous Coach”!

And, finally, expanding will inevitably follow, and Tara Mohr’s “Playing Big” is a great reminder to go for your dreams and not hold back.

Antoine’s books

We are all constructs of our stories. “The Story So Far”, a new book on narrative coaching written by our colleagues Nick Isbister and Jude Elliman, supports and challenges our clients as they re-story their lives and explore different, more generative futures.

Walter Isaacscon’s latest biography on Leonardo da Vinci is for pure inspiration from a genius. His whole life was about experimentation, showing curiosity, making connections between art and science and trying things.

Jean-Claude Biver is an amazing entrepreneur who has invested himself totally in his passions. He had the courage to be wrong and accept failure, learned again and again. He is a fine example of engaging in the process to the full.

Life 3.0” by Max Tegmark – I am reading this thought-provoking book to help me with my thinking about what Life with AI will look like, what career advice we can give our kids and how we can expand our ideas, our visions and our minds.

And you? What are you bringing to the beach or the verandah this summer?  Write to us to let us know your favorites at https://disrupt-your-career.com/contact/

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