Using Your Singularity to Create a Unique Career Path

January 2021

Alexandre Pachulski has over 15 years’ experience in HR and IT. He was one of the founders of a consulting firm specialized in talent development before co-founding Talentsoft. He is an accomplished author of several books on human resources and hosts his own YouTube channel called “Talents of Tomorrow”. He holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from Paris-Dauphine University where he also teaches.

We reconnected with Alex as we share a common passion for helping people fulfill their dreams and ambitions in their work life and wanted to hear about his latest insights and perspectives. We talk about Alex’s own career journey from PhD student to entrepreneur, how to discover and express our ‘singularity’ at work, how companies are shifting their approach to talent management and the impact of Artificial intelligence (AI) on careers.

Links from the episode: 

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