Unlock What’s Blocking Your Career and Open the Door to New Opportunities

October 2023

A former Fortune 50 senior executive turned board director, professor, leadership coach, and author, Ellen Connelly Taaffe is on a mission for women to have more seats and voices at the table of workplace decisions. In her book, The Mirrored Door (Page Two, October 2023), Ellen uses her vast experience to help women understand and navigate through internal and external obstacles to create the future career they desire.

We talk with Ellen about how her own career unfolded and the lessons she learned from working in brand management, how she managed to move into consulting, coaching,  academia and writing, her advice for early career professionals, why she wrote The Mirrored Door and the main ideas of her book, her advice to overcome some of the perils of success―such as being prepared to perfection, eager to please, or trying to fit the mold— and her most exciting projects for the future.

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