Joseph Liu Episode
October 2022  -  Podcast

Relaunching Your Career to Do More Meaningful Work

As a keynote speaker, career consultant, podcast host, webinar host, and certified coach, Joseph Liu leverages 10 years of experience relaunching consumer brands combined with professional coaching to help people relaunch their personal brands. As host of the Career Relaunch® podcast and an international keynote speaker, he has crossed paths with thousands of professionals during their career turning points, sharing and learning about what it takes to successfully change career directions. He shares these insights with his clients and as a contributing writer to Forbes, Fast Company, and Glassdoor.

We talk with Joseph about his own career journey and the key lessons he has learned along the way, how his identity shifted from the corporate world to independent consulting, his advice to early career professionals, the origins, audience and a few guest stories of his Career Relaunch podcast, his philosophy of letting go to make room for something else more meaningful, his 7-step Career Change Roadmap to clarify how to relaunch your own career, which organizations he sees as good examples of talent and career management and other exciting prospects on his horizon for the rest of the year.

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