John Boudreau Podcast


Radically Rethinking How to Organize Work and Careers

April 2022

Dr. John Boudreau is Professor Emeritus of Management and Organization and a Senior Research Scientist with the Center for Effective Organizations at the Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California. He is recognized worldwide for breakthrough research on the bridge between superior human capital, talent and sustainable competitive advantage. His latest book, Work without Jobs, co-authored with Ravin Jesuthasan, lays out a roadmap for the future of work.

We talk with John about his own career journey, his vision of the future of work, why he wrote the book Work without Jobs, how jobs need to be deconstructed and reconstructed in a new “work operating system”, examples of organizations that have applied this new approach, the impact of the new world of work on careers, his advice to young professionals starting their career today, and his hopes to continue to improve work relationships.

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