Playing with FIRE: A Portfolio Careerist’s Guide to Lifestyle Design

April 2023

Abel van Staveren is a location-independent portfolio careerist with a passion for helping others achieve their goals and live life to the fullest. As a CEO, Chartered Accountant, Non-Executive Director, and digital nomad, he has built a successful portfolio career spanning various industries, from the shipping sector to private equity and investment management. When he is not busy helping others chart their paths to success, you will find Abel indulging his love for sailing, teaching, and coaching.

We talk with Abel about how his career unfolded, the lessons he learned along the way and how he applied those in the second half of his career, how he transitioned from corporate executive to portfolio careerist, his typical day-to-day life, the power of mentoring, his work as non-executive board member, his advice for early career professionals and how to design your life, and his most exciting projects for the future.


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