Interview - Jos Akkermans
April 2019  -  Podcast

How to Build Sustainable Careers and Change Employer-Employee Relationships

We’re pleased to share our recent chat with Jos Akkermans. Jos is Associate Professor of Sustainable Careers and Organizational Behavior in the department of Management and Organization at VU Amsterdam. In our conversation, Jos shares his views on career crafting, micro-transitions, identify shift as we change and more.

In this episode, we chat with Jos Akkermans, an academic and expert on Sustainable Careers, who is passionately focused on younger people’s careers and how to help not only his students, but also society at large to find better opportunities to “craft” the career path that is right for them.

Jos began life in a small country town in the Netherlands, and chose to study Psychology at Utrecht University, where he ended up doing his PhD on young people’s vocational careers and began his teaching work in Business and Management.

Since then, Jos has juggled the responsibilities of teaching with research and publication across a number of commercial and academic journals, moved up and across the hierarchy of different academic institutions, and even managed fifteen years as a local dance teacher!  His argument is that work should be fun as well as useful, and he is a master of his portfolio, without any doubt.

He not only teaches his students about careers as a subject, but advises them on their own careers, so he is taking a truly holistic approach in his teaching. The research Jos does, in collaboration with universities and companies across the world, examines career changers of many types, and he tells us about his more recent findings, as well as what is coming up next. Like us, he has the hope that the corporate world will wake up and do more and better talent management at a grass roots level, and we hope to continue this conversation into the coming months and years.

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