Podcast Deepak Jayaraman - January 2020
January 2020  -  Podcast

Helping People Transition and Play to Their Potential

Our guest in this episode is Deepak Jayaraman, Founder and CEO of Transition Insight. As an Executive Coach and Leadership Advisor, Deepak works with successful senior executives and helps them play to their unique potential by working with them closely during phases of high stakes transition. Deepak is also the prolific author and curator of Play to Potential Podcast, which includes interviews with people across diverse backgrounds and conversations around Leadership, Transitions and Careers.

We found many parallels between Deepak’s coaching and consulting work and ours, but were deeply impressed with his extensive and highly segmented, user-friendly podcast archive. From philosophy from Gandhi to speculation on most popular transition topics, we hope you will enjoy this conversation with Deepak as much as we did.

Links from the episode:

  • Transition Insight – the objective of Deepak’s consulting firm is to enable leaders to be thoughtful about transitions.
  • Play to Potential podcasts – a bouquet of curated conversations around leadership, transitions and careers with easy access to specific nuggets of interest and relevance.
  • Deepak’s Linkedin profile
  • Antarang Foundation – an India-based foundation that envisions a world in which every young person is passionately, productively, and positively engaged in a career of their choice.

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