Monique Valcour - April 2021
April 2021  -  Podcast

Helping People and Organizations Build Sustainable Careers

Monique is an executive coach, keynote speaker, and workshop leader. She has served as a professor of management on the faculties of EDHEC Business School and Boston College and has built high-level coaching experience in multiple countries and industries. She is a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review on leadership, sustainable careers, talent management, communication, work-life integration, mindfulness, and well-being.

We connected with Monique as we share a common belief that everyone has the right and the capacity to thrive at work and in their lives beyond work. We talk with Monique about her own career story, her research on work-life integration, how to avoid and beat burnout, and her coaching work with leaders around purpose, resilience, trust, engagement and collaboration.

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