January 2023  -  Podcast

Helping Individuals and Organizations Flourish in the Changing World of Work

Al is the founder of Betterwork Labs, a talent advisory firm, and works with companies on how to attract, develop, and retain diverse workforces. Throughout his professional career, he has helped hundreds of professionals build growth-oriented mindsets and achieve their career goals. He also writes, researches, and speaks about trends related to the future of career development, learning, and the employee experience. Al received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Theology from Boston College, and his MBA from the University of North Carolina Chapel-Hill.

We met with Al as we share a common passion for helping individuals and organizations flourish in the changing world of work. We talk with Al about his own career journey, his transition out of corporations to becoming a full time solo entrepreneur, his advice to early career professionals, why he wrote The MBA Insider and what are the main ideas from his book, examples of inspiring guests from his podcast, what Al would like to see organizations doing better when managing talent and careers, what he would like to change about the world of work and his most exciting projects going forward.

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