Developing Under-Represented Talent and Building Inclusive Organizations

September 2023

A business leader, psychologist and executive coach, Chris Parke is passionate about building inclusive organisations where business and individuals thrive. Following a career in investment banking and consulting, he co-founded Talking Talent in 2005 to help organisations link strategy to inclusion and remain relevant in rapidly changing diverse markets. Chris has a diploma in Clinical Organisational Psychology from INSEAD and was awarded a scholarship MBA from Imperial College London.

We talk with Chris about how his own career unfolded, how he became interested in leadership, his transition from corporate to entrepreneurship, his advice for early career professionals who are looking to start out, his motivation for creating the podcast ‘Voices with Talking Talent’, what leaders can do to build a diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace, the impact of coaching on individuals and groups, and his most exciting projects for the rest of the year.

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