DYC Octavia
March 2024  -  Podcast

Career Strategies for Underrepresented Professionals

Octavia Goredema is the founder of Twenty Ten Agency, a career coaching company and the author of PREP, PUSH, PIVOT: Essential Career Strategies for Underrepresented Women. Her mission is to help underrepresented professionals advance their careers. Octavia has coached leaders at renowned companies including Google, American Airlines, Tinder, General Motors, Nike and Dow Jones. She is the host of the Audible Original series How to Change Careers with Octavia Goredema. Originally from England, she is based in Los Angeles where she has lived for over a decade. 

We talk with Octavia about how her own career journey unfolded, the lessons she learned working in PR, media and communications, her advice for early career professionals who are looking to start out in their careers, why she wrote Prep, Push, Pivot and the main ideas of her book, the importance of discovering your true worth and cementing your career values, her audible book series How to change career, what she would like to see organizations doing better when managing talent and careers, and her most exciting projects for the coming year. 

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