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8 Inspirational Books You Should Read to Boost Your Career

We have had some incredibly fascinating guests on our Disrupt Your Career podcast in the last few months. Now you have had a chance to listen to their conversations with us, it might be time to dig in deeper and read their books too. Any or all of these will give you additional perspective on how to progress and thrive in your career. Happy reading!

Move Up or Move On
By Sergey Gorbatov and Angela Lane

Do you feel dissatisfied with the contribution you’re making? Afraid I’m falling behind? Stuck in your job with no way out, or passed over for jobs, projects or clients?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above, this book is a blueprint for pursuing a career on your terms, whatever stage you’re at. With 10 practical ways to understand your strengths, you’ll get clarity on where you are now, your career options, what you need to do, and how to keep evaluating your progress towards your goals.

With case studies and examples revealing the secrets of why some people have more success at work while others falter, you’ll understand what you need to do to get where you want to be.

Get out of your career rut and get the job you deserve.

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The Seven Games of Leadership
By Paolo Gallo

The Seven Games of Leadership is a guide for readers through seven key phases of personal and professional development, with the aim not of climbing a corporate ladder but of finding true and lasting satisfaction in what they do.

It encourages the realization that revolutionary change is not about destroying the current status quo, but about co-designing and rebuilding different paths for individuals to thrive, and go on to have a positive impact on society at large. The objective is to allow people to identify a career that is better aligned not only with their individual values, but with a broader purpose centred on a wider sense of humanity and sustainable prosperity for all.

The book provides the tools and practical advice you need to reassess your priorities and take the steps necessary to refocus your life, your career and the issues of the world around you.

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The Digital Coaching Revolution
By Anna Tavis and Woody Woodward

Digital coaching offers organizations an effective, scalable and personalized approach to employee development that can transform an organization’s entire workforce. This technology helps organizations seamlessly schedule, track and manage coaching services as well as evaluate ROI in ways previously unimaginable. The Digital Coaching Revolution is an essential resource for talent management, employee experience, L&D and HR business partners considering or already working with a digital coaching provider, platform or service.

The Digital Coaching Revolution includes information to help you scale digital coaching across your workforce, whether your C-suite is already on board or not. The chapters offer insight into how to determine what will help every company’s specific needs, what questions to ask a digital coaching provider before signing or renewing a contract and how to use the data to get more out of this service. With case studies from large organizations that have found success in digital coaching including Visa, CVS and Hilton, this book is the resource you need to upgrade your organization’s approaches to employee experience, L&D and broader HR initiatives.

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The Mirrored Door
By Ellen Connelly Taaffe

At some point in their careers, many women encounter the mirrored door―the place where, when presented with opportunities, we reflect inward and hesitate, and deem we’re not ready or worthy enough to move forward, whether that is to raise our hands or go for the next role.

But there is a way to break through, and to overcome the gendered expectations that girls and women internalize over our lifetimes that create a hidden barrier that keeps us from reaching our full potential.

Drawing on research, stories from her own career, and those of her students and the mid-late career women she has coached, Professor Ellen Taaffe explains why the five perils of success―being prepared to perfection, eager to please, trying to fit the mold, pushing too hard, and patiently performing and expecting rewards to follow―get us to a certain level, and then may prevent our taking the next step in our careers as expectations rise. She offers a new, empowering framework for navigating the challenges of the workplace with more awareness and expertise.

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Prep, Push, Pivot
By Octavia Goredema

In Prep, Push, Pivot, award-winning career coach and author Octavia Goredema delivers an indispensable career coaching guide for women looking for a new job, dealing with job loss, pivoting to a new career, or returning to the workforce after an extended absence.

You’ll discover practical strategies you can implement at crucial times during your career, ensuring your considerable talents and skills are used to their full potential. In this important book, you’ll:

  • Discover your true worth, cement your career values, and carve out a realistic and aspirational career plan
  • Learn how to position yourself for a promotion, navigate a break in your career, and integrate your role as a mother or caregiver with your professional life
  • Deal with monumental career changes, contribute to the development of the women around you, and benefit from an array of professional resources in your journey forward

Perfect for women who are ready to overcome any obstacles that await them, Prep, Push, Pivot is a thoughtful road map to help women chart their professional and personal success

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Careers Unleashed
By Asad Husain

Extraordinary careers are not built on luck – you CAN take control, thrive, and transcend your limits. If you are an ambitious professional stuck in an average career, Careers Unleashed will empower you with the mindset, strategies, and skills needed to break free and achieve genuine success and fulfillment..

Read this book to:

• Unleash the power of career ownership and manifestation to create an extraordinary, unique career

• Understand how to overcome career monotony and escape the sleepwalking mentality

• Conquer the fear of failure and challenge the boundaries of your comfort zone to realize your true professional potential

• Discover the advantages of being disruptive and pursuing your career goals strategically and thoughtfully

• Adopt a holistic approach to career success and build a clear action plan to achieve it

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Wrong Fit, Right Fit
By André Martin

Finding the right fit is hard. Painfully hard. The good news is, there is a way forward. Through his decades of experience and exhaustive research, including intensive interviews with knowledge workers and leaders, André Martin guides talent and organizations to find the right fit. Through easy exercises, clear insights, and personal stories, this book helps listeners discover their perfect fit in the workplace. 

And for employers, André Martin utilizes policies, communications, training, onboarding, role descriptions, and feedback to help them build a new path to worker engagement. Wrong Fit, Right Fit is for both talent and employers who are looking for strong compatibility for mutual success.

Now is the time to boost engagement, inspiration, well-being, and meaning in the work we do. Now is the time to find a greater return in value for ourselves and our organizations. Now is the time to find the right fit.

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By Sharath Jeevan

As leaders, not all our time is created equal.

Inflection moments are those points at which we stand at a crossroads and ask ourselves: what’s the next mountain to climb? These are the critical moments when we have the chance to futureproof success – for ourselves, our organisations and others – for many years, even decades, to come.

But it all comes down to how we navigate these moments. How we dare a new direction, ignite potential in ourselves and others, align motivations and learn to keep learning. That’s the complete roadmap that Inflection provides us with as leaders.

Written in short, punchy and compelling micro-chapters, this book will leave you with a lifetime of insight. So that you can be the leader that you were meant to be, and the leader those around you deserve. And make a difference in the ways that deeply matter to you. business.

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What about you? What have you been reading that has inspired you to grow your career? Do let us know some of your favorites, and please, make suggestions of podcast guests you would like to see us inviting next. https://disrupt-your-career.com/contact/

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